Franchise Fee: $50,000
Royalty: 6%
Total Investment: $396,165 - $597,790
Can Be Home Based: No

Founded: 2021
Franchised: 2022
VetFran Member: No

Our founders started Saunatica to fill a gap in the industry. We live in a stressful and pollution-filled environment; from the amount of work people do, to the air quality to the food people eat, de-stressing often is essential. We want to help people visit our studios to unwind, let their body heal and thrive. Offering infrared sauna, red-light, salt and HALO therapy, Saunatica has the right solution for everyone. Packages never expire leading guests to come back once, twice or even more times a week. Most (90%) choose membership for full access to all services available in the studio. Recurring revenue membership model, Limited staff, Low overhead, High tech, proprietary membership system

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