Hey, Anita!

I always love seeing that you continue your career with helping others consider the franchise world. As happy as I am in what I plan is my final career role, I have to admit I occasionally think of the “what if’s” had I pursued the franchise track. As a rule, I never look back, but I can tell you that you were excellent at presenting options and working with me to get some direction. Heck, A couple of years later I even sent my son to connect with you when he was considering his options — I knew he’d be in good hands.

As for me, a good friend asked me to develop his company in GA, and I’m really loving it — something completely different than the business I was in for 30 years previously. As I said, that’s where I will end my professional career.

I wish you continued success, Anita, and please know that I will always be grateful for your support!

Brian W. Woodbury

I reached out to Anita to get her input while researching franchise business ownership for educational content to help folks in career transition.

Anita is the BEST (as her name says) resource. I learned an extraordinary amount of information on franchising. If you want to know anything on the subject, her services are free, her knowledge is priceless and extensive, and she can vet you and introduce you to over 3500 franchise options. She is a great listener and shares generously because she is dedicated to helping people find the best franchise fit. She has a stellar reputation and it has earned her solid relationships scouting ideal franchisee matches for thousands of franchisors.

A bonus: she is nice, smart, accessible, and honest!

I would definitely recommend her (and I have) if you want to explore owning a franchise.

Monique Topper Lung, CBC, RCC

There are many who can use your services. I will always fondly recommend you for your knowledge and professionalism in helping create the next persons dream become a reality.

Thanks for what you did for me,

Billy Cahill

As an award winning entrepreneur, management and franchising expert, I have long recognized the importance of partnering with EXPERTS to reduce or eliminated costly mistakes. The choice of WHO you work with and obtain advice from can often mean the difference between GREAT SUCCESS, Moderate Success or failure.

Anita is one such EXPERT that can help direct one toward GREAT SUCCESS opportunities. Her proven track record, background and experience has proven to be of great value to her clients on their journey to living the dream of business ownership. She is dedicated to delivering EXCELLENCE in all that she does for her clients and is sincerely interested in doing what's best for them and their families.

In a field where there are thousands of choices her experience, skills and resources are VERY effective in helping people filter the BEST form the rest and she is an absolute "GO TO" resource for anyone looking to own their own business!

Without hesitation I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking to find the RIGHT business - It will be one of the BEST decisions you'll ever make!

Larry Carnell ABI, CBI, CFB, CFE

I chose Anita as my franchise broker/coach when I made the decision to leave the corporate world and go it on my own. There are many brokers/coaches out there and I chose Anita for her knowledge, her personality and her integrity. She guided me through the process, provided valuable advice and, along the way, became a dear friend of mine. I strongly recommend Anita to anyone considering this life change. I'm sure you'll find that she is everything I say and more.

Mike Teefey

I am writing this recommendation for a person who really lives up to her name. Anita Best, as far as I am concerned, is the very BEST at what she does. Not only does she work hard to find the right match for individuals like me who were in search of the right fit in the franchising world, but she was an incredible supporter, mentor, and counselor. Anita asked the tough questions that made me look inside myself to find things I didn’t realize were there. I am forever indebted to her for the help and guidance along the way to making the decision I made. If it were not for Anita, I would have probably given up and gone back to the unrewarding corporate world from which I came.

I will always speak highly of and refer people to Anita that find themselves in or near the “Self Realization” stage when they decide to take control of their own life and destiny on the career path.

Anita, thank you for everything, and for being who you are. You may not realize yourself what great things you do for people…but rest assured…WE DO!

Chris Tait

Anita is one of the best in the business. She cares a great deal about her clients and is a strong advocate for them. Haven't worked with a more professional broker in my 25+years..thank you so much for allowing me to work with your clients!!

Michael Bohannon

It is such an honor to recommend Anita Best as she demonstrates a genuine interest in enabling her clients' future. I met Anita at a meeting and was immediately impressed from across the room by her energy and personal command. When she addressed the professional audience, her confidence and professional maturity came through with her engaging personality. I asked for a meeting not knowing what I wanted to do. She listened patiently, asked thought-provoking questions, and made suggestions based upon my readiness. She never wasted my time, appropriately screened the opportunities and was readily available to discuss every opportunity with me whenever I needed her. She found the right business for me and helped me get through the process. Anita has been an extraordinary partner and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a credible franchise expert who can help them determine what the right next step may be.

Katie (Jones) McCleary

I’d like to recommend Anita Best. Anita & I worked together for more than 8 months. Her deep knowledge & style made the entire franchise discovery process a fantastic experience. What I appreciated most about working with Anita was; she never put any pressure on buying. In fact, her approach with clients is much more of a mentor or coach that enables individuals to identify and focus on the appropriate business concepts and offers.

If you are considering buying into franchise businesses, do yourself a favor and contact Anita.

Adam Marcus

Anita is a thoughtful and competent professional dedicated to matching her clients with business opportunities that make real sense. At every step of the process she puts the client's best interest front and center. I highly recommend Anita and her services at Find Your Franchise, Inc.

Bob Zack

I had the pleasure of working with Anita on a few projects and getting to know her on a personal level in Atlanta. She is extremely genuine, loyal and passionately committed to whatever task is at hand. She has a very strong work ethic and maintains the highest standards.

She was so supportive of my business endeavors and is always willing to lend her expertise and her ear. I hope to have the good fortune to work with her again in the future.

Jesse Harrison

I've known Anita for over a year through my work at Mulling Corporation. I consider her a great resource and even more importantly someone I truly enjoy knowing.

Anita is a passionate and professional business woman and entrepreneur. She personally has enjoyed a history of success in franchise ownership and in business in general and is therefore a perfect resource to anyone who is thinking of pursuing franchise ownership. Anita listens to people and offers suggestions that fit their profile. Additionally, in working with Anita, you will benefit from her deep understanding of sales, business operations and how to drive performance.

I feel very confident offering Anita to my contacts as a resource in their search because I know they will be taken seriously and she will never oversell. I recommend Anita without hesitation if you are considering franchise ownership!”

Patricia Smaldone

I’ve had the privilege of working with Anita many times and it’s always a pleasure to deal with her and her Clients. I know without doubt that Anita will have done a fantastic job educating her Clients about our opportunity and that’s so helpful. Anita takes her time finding out what’s important to her Clients so she can present concepts that make sense. If you want the help of someone that will put your needs first and simplify the daunting task of weeding out opportunities that just aren’t well suited to you, I highly recommend that you make that person Anita.

Pam D.

I have known Anita for over 20 years and have witnessed first-hand her professionalism in various fields including commercial real estate brokerage, marketing/sales executive and operations management. She attacks difficult situations with an unbridled sense of humor and relentlessly works on behalf of her clients and employers with an enthusiasm that is seldom seen. Anita is a delight to work with.

Dan Bradbary

Anita is the absolute pinnacle of professionalism and integrity. Her drive and intuition make her a very effective negotiator and communicator. I recommend her without reservation.

Beau Holland

I’ve known Anita for over 10 years. In 2003, she was the reason I left Century 21 (where I was content and comfortable) to join this upstart real estate firm called Keller Williams. Anita was opening the Buckhead office in Atlanta for KW as the managing broker/team leader so I agreed to take the "leap" with her. In retrospect, I wish I'd made that move 2 years previously when she initially approached me - what a fantastic company and now the #1 residential real estate entity in the United States.

Anita is a true leader, an excellent facilitator as well as a team and consensus builder. Her dynamic and vibrant personality is contagious to be around. She inspires the people around her and motivates almost by osmosis. Anita will be a big success in whatever endeavor she's involved with and an asset for any organization she's associated with.

Brian McDaniel

Anita is a savvy lady who works hard, intelligently, and is very well respected! She has a firm grasp on numerous industries and has parlayed her executive experience into helping entrepreneurs decipher the unique codes of franchising. All of this and she is fun to work with as well!

Lloyd Princeton

Anita is one of the smartest, nicest and hardest-working people I know. She has enough energy to light New York City and is brimming with ideas. Anyone who works with Anita as a colleague, business partner or client will find the experience rewarding.

Stephen Walden

I've enjoyed every encounter I've had with Anita. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she sincerely cares about people.

Nat Truitt

Anita is meticulous with each and every task she encounters. Anita's extermely successful real estate career certainly is a testament to her business acumen. Anita is of course trustworthy and honest. She is a great mentor as well.

Babs Price

Anita is a force of nature.Once priorities are established, and an action plan decided, no one I know is as single minded and focused to accomplish the goals as Anita. I would recommend Anita for any position that requires a self starter, needs little supervision, and has clear expected outcomes.

Michele Egan

Business ownership can be an extremely rewarding endeavor when you get the proper assistance.

If you are evaluating franchises there are over 6,000 options and expert help is needed.

If you are considering Anita's help, you have found that expert. She is intelligent dedicated, hard-working and will ensure that the investment you make will create a perfect match between your needs, skills and resources and the opportunity that you select.

John Quattrocchi, CPA

Anita was hands down the best coach I ever had! I've worked with 6 different business coaches and Anita was the only one who led me to achieving greater results. She truly cares about her clients and easily discerns their needs. Her compassion, wisdom, and experience make her an integral and valuable part of any team! I highly recommend Anita and she would be an asset to any organization!

Brenda Kilhoffer

Anita is quite a unique woman, as she always bring a tremendous amount of energy, enthusiasm as well as good solid business sense to the business and projects she is involved with.

I would strongly recommend her.

David Jensen

While working with Anita creating an element of the advertising strategy for ADAC, I found her to be a strong leader, extremly motivated, and focused. She posses a wonderful ability to directly communicate her vision, while keeping an eye on the big picture. Anita is always positive, and her consistently high energy was infectious to the entire team.

Thomas Murray

Anita is one of those rare individuals who can bring a smile to your face via the telephone because of her high energy and her ability to make you feel special. She is a person of integrity who truly will "go the extra mile" for her clients and ensure that she is providing the best franchise matching service possible. Any potential franchise owner would be lucky to be working with Anita.

Kim Marinoff

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