Real Hot Yoga

Franchise Fee: $49,000
Royalty: 7%
Total Investment: $325,000 - $400,000
Can Be Home Based: No

Founded: 2012
Franchised: 2020
VetFran Member: Yes

Boutique fitness is strong and not going anywhere and real hot yoga is more than just boutique fitness. Our fitness approach to yoga makes it less foreign and more accessible to more people. Everyone can do real hot yoga. Clients get on their mats to find their strength, flexibility, and balance. Over time as clients learn to stay present and grounded in their practice they also find their confidence, sense of peace, gratitude, and empowerment. All of this eventually spills off their mat and into their lives. When you receive that first email from a client thanking you for all the ways real hot yoga has changed their life, you will know you are in the right business. At real hot yoga we build more than yoga studios, we build communities. And that might be the most valuable thing you can offer your clients. It's an honor and a privilege to offer a space where clients feel comfortable coming to find solace in hard times and also to celebrate their joys and success.

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